Heart Tales

He was everything I didn’t want in a man. But he was something I wanted more in a man. He lacked every sense of morality but in his touch is the very essence and origin of Ethics. He was a good boy gone bad and I am a good girl really good. He wasn’t tall, … Continue reading Heart Tales

Cold love

I remember when my number used to be on speed dial.  There was a time I dominated your call logs and history. At some point in time my mind was unconsciously connected to my phone. The sync was as magnanimous as though a mind reading machine. For with one sound or vibration I knew who … Continue reading Cold love

The Human Mind

like a trance, I was in another world, glued to you like a magnetic force. overwhelmed by where I was and what I saw, one of the most beautiful things a being could possess: The beauty of a human mind. Hypnotized and captivated by this beauty I am drawn to. One of the things that endeared … Continue reading The Human Mind

Xoxo! Kiss the bride

​Xoxo! She knelt before him. Body in between his thighs. He looked down at her, straight into her eyes. Smiled sheepishly and she smiled right back at him cos she knew what he was thinking. She had felt it. She wanted to pull away but he held her still, tight…  She hugged him right back … Continue reading Xoxo! Kiss the bride